What Is My Commitment to 100 Guys?

Membership: Each voting/giving unit may consist of any number of men, donating a total of $100, four times per year for a yearly commitment of $400. Each unit has one vote, no matter how many men it represents. Each unit may nominate one non-profit organization each meeting.

If you are unable to attend a meeting, send your blank, signed check with a trusted friend to the meeting. They will write in the name of the non-profit and give it to the organizers on your behalf. They do not vote on your behalf. Only the votes of members who are present will be counted. Checks can also be mailed to the organizers.

Individuals and teams that have not fulfilled the $100 financial commitment to the charity selected at the previous meeting will forfeit the right to nominate and vote at the next meeting.

Nomination/voting rights will be re-instated at the meeting following the next payment in full. For example: If the member/team pays $100 in January, nomination/voting rights will resume in April.

Teams that lose members will be expected to either find a new member to replace the lost member or readjust their donation to fulfill the $100 commitment as a team or switch to an individual membership.

Writing the Check: After hearing the presentations for 3 organizations, the members will vote and majority rules. Even if a member does not care for the choice, the contribution is still required.

Your contribution is tax deductible since checks are written directly to the local organization, not to 100 Guys Who Care About Lorain County. Your cancelled check is your receipt for tax purposes. To ensure safety and legitimacy of your contribution, only checks or money orders will be accepted. No cash will be accepted.

What Selected Organizations Do and Don’t Do: As a condition of receiving the donation, the selected non-profit organization will be asked to refrain from creating, selling, or distributing a list with your contact information, and to not solicit you for further contributions.

Getting Started: Sign up for emails to receive meeting announcements and news using the form on our Join page. Your RSVP to the announcements help us to better plan for the meeting.

When you attend your first meeting, you will have the opportunity to complete the  Individual Membership Form or the Team Membership Form. You will be making an honor commitment, not a legal commitment. The commitment forms simply help you to honor your pledge to help your community, and permit tracking of the expected donations.